Bridge-Free Salish Sea

About Us

Bridge-Free Salish Sea is a collective of passionate islanders.

Current Collective Members

Steve, Chris, Leaf, Penny.

Steve, Chris, Leaf, Penny.

Steve O’Neill has lived on Gabriola for 11 years and loves the quirky, unique, creative and tolerant community here. He believes a bridge would destroy this special place.

Chris Bowers has lived on Gabriola for 20 years, has worked as a social worker and therapist, and is a former editor of the Flying Shingle newspaper. She believes real islands are reached by boat.

Leaf Kotasek plays jazz, advocates for transgender rights, and grows food on Gabriola Island. They are in love with this community. They moved to Gabriola in 2013 with their partner, Daniel Petersen.

Penny Sidor is a folksinger, counsellor, gardener, dog-lover, and writer of poems and songs. She has lived on Gabriola since 1998 and is passionate about her island home.


Associate Collective Members

April and Sheila.

April and Sheila.

April Steele chose to move to Gabriola 20 years ago because it is an island. She cherishes the magical, unique sense of place it evokes. For her, having a fixed link would be a heart-breaking loss.

Sheila Haniszewska was born and raised in Vancouver and is a life- long lover of this bridge- free coast. Retired teacher, long-time activist against threats to nature and democracy, she has lived on Gabriola for 23 years.

Dave Neads chose Gabriola for his new home because of the rare combination of energies, community and lifestyle found here. He believes a fixed link would irrevocably degrade those qualities, changing life on this island forever.

Daniel Petersen was born in Nanaimo and lived there until he moved to Gabriola in April 2013. He enjoys feeling like part of a community, something he didn’t experience in Nanaimo.


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