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Gabriolans, Mudgekins still awaiting report on bridge study

Letter to Todd Stone
Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure
November 19, 2015

Dear. Mr. Stone:

We are writing you once again to enquire regarding the study that your ministry contracted to explore the feasibility of a bridge to Gabriola and Mudge Islands. We have written you a number of times regarding the status of the study and have had no response from either yourself or anyone from your ministry.
We recently read in our local newspaper that “Ministry staff has said that the study into a fixed link between Gabriola and Vancouver Island will be released, but they have no timeline on when that might be.” We understood that the study was originally due to be completed by February 27, 2015 and released mid-August this year. Mr. Stone, it’s going on nine months and nothing has been released.

Given how richly and quickly the study was funded by your ministry having to wait nine months for the results is somewhat disconcerting. We still maintain that the study was unnecessary and the allocated $200,000, could have been far better used to assist in dealing with this province’s abysmal child poverty rate, supporting food banks or even looking at alternative energy sources.
However, acknowledging that the funds have been spent, we hope to see the results of the study before the end of the year – perhaps while the Legislative Assembly is sitting so that the results can be presented in the Legislature and debated by MLAs.

As you are aware from previous correspondence, our group represents more than 2,100 British Columbians and more than 1,600 Gabriola and Mudge Islanders. We are committed to supporting the position of the Islands Trust regarding no fixed links to any of the Gulf Islands, and remain strongly opposed to any fixed link to Mudge and Gabriola Islands. We would appreciate the courtesy of being advised regarding the status of the study.


Stephen O’Neill
On behalf of Bridge Free Salish Sea


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