Bridge-Free Salish Sea

Letter of support from Gulf Islands Alliance (dated May 11, 2015)

To Steve O’Neill,
Bridge-Free Salish Sea

Dear Steve

At our quarterly meeting May 9, 2015, the Gulf Islands Alliance unanimously endorsed the positions of Islands Trust and the Bridge-Free Salish Sea Collective opposing fixed links to and between islands in the Islands Trust Area.

GIA is concerned that too much emphasis is given short-term, and often short-sighted, economic factors in deciding matters that could undermine the ‘preserve and protect’ goal of the Islands Trust Act.

Members of our 10-year-old non-profit voluntary group and others across the islands see a bridge  to Gabriola as an urbanizing precedent that darkens the widely-supported, enlightened vision of maintaining the Gulf Islands as a special place for nature and all British Columbians.


Dave Steen
Acting Chair
Gulf Islands Alliance

P.S. Our detailed position on the Gabriola bridge is available on our website.


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