Bridge-Free Salish Sea

BFSS petition

Hey Island-Lovers – here’s the petition! We’re closing in on 2,000 signatures. Please ask your friends, family, and co-workers to sign.

We have buttons, bumperstickers, postcards addressed to Minister Todd Stone to help things along. You can give them out to supporters (donations for these items are helpful but not required).


Volunteers interested in collecting hard copy signatures are invited to do so by printing out this petition. Continue reading for volunteer instructions and where to send completed petitions. Please check over the Guidelines so ALL your signatures count.


Contact: Chris Bowers – 250-247-7989

1. This is the Official Petition, as of December 1, 2014. A previous online petition cannot be used. Please explain if someone says ‘I signed a long time ago.’ Or ‘I signed online.’

2. Refrain from getting into arguments. Just smile and say ‘thank you.’

3. To ensure transparency, erasures or insertions are not allowed. If a mistake is made, simply put a line though it and start over on another line.

4. All residents of BC may sign, including children if they are old enough to understand.

6. All info is required, as per the form. Printed name, street address (no post boxes), town and signature.

7. For more info about Bridge-Free Salish Sea, a Google search will get them to the blog.

8. Donations may be made at the Coastal Community Credit Union. To submit donations for merchandise (buttons, bumper-stickers, etc.), contact Chris at 250-247-7989, or drop off in the Village at the petition table (Friday afternoons).

9. Completed petition pages can be dropped off in the Village at the petition table, or mailed to: S. O’Neill, 900 Ricki Ave, Gabriola BC, V0R 1X3.

Thank you!


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