Bridge-Free Salish Sea

Letter from Anne Harvard to Todd Stone (Dated January 12, 2015)

Dear Mr. Stone

As you will no doubt be aware, by the time the study is finished it will be several, if not many, years from the start of the bridge planning until it implemented, if at all.  In that time the costs will have risen beyond anyones’ predictions (as is always the case in these circumstances).  So why not, instead, do a cheaper, quicker study to find out what percentage of the population, especially around Gabriola Island (Nanaimo, Parksville, Vancouver, Victoria) wants such a link?

Because even if you determine that it may be cost-effective, if it’s not politically ‘viable’, it won’t happen anyways – believe me…you haven’t dealt with Gabriolans determination to preserve their way of life!

We are an ‘island people’ for the most part, I strongly believe, and want to remain that way!  That’s why we live here.  In my opinion, you should first be asking us – not the department of Revenue!

A. Havard
Gabriola artist & resident


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