Bridge-Free Salish Sea

Helpful Tips for Writing Letters to the Minster of Transportation

Letters are best directed to:

Hon.Todd Stone
Minister of Transportation
Room 306
Parliament Buildings
Victoria, BC
V8V 1X4

A letter to the Minister will carry more weight if it is mailed via Canada Post. When cc’ing the letter, email to those copied is acceptable. It is suggested that letters to Mr. Stone be copied to the following:

MLA Doug Routley
The Premier
Chair, Islands Trust Council (TBA)
Howard Houle, RDN Director
Editor of the Gabriola Sounder
Editor of the Nanaimo Daily News

When writing, please remember to maintain a respectful and professional attitude as this will underline the seriousness of your concerns.

When writing, consider focusing on one or two of these issues:

  • The fact that the study was approved with no consultation with elected representatives. (Island Trust, RDN, City of Nanaimo, UBCM)
  • Your concerns about the possible negative impacts that a bridge may have on the island (eg: environmental, cultural, economic, property values, lifestyle, social, community)
  • Your concerns with the failure of BC Ferries to offer reasonable service at reasonable cost. Your concern that the privatization of BC Ferries has had considerable negative impacts on the economies and the sustainability of ferry-dependent communities. (Studies completed by the UBCM (Union of BC Municipalities) have demonstrated a loss of over $2.3 billion to the province as a result of the failed Coastal Ferries Act over the past 10 years.
  • Your personal concerns about the possible impacts to the quality of life on Gabriola. (Those things that are important to you and your neighbours.)
  • Happy writing!


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