Bridge-Free Salish Sea

Better Ferry Service, Please

We contend that the failure of the provincial government’s Coastal Ferry Act likely played a significant role in the petition to request a bridge feasibility study for Gabriola Island.

UBCM members and other elected representatives have spoken out loudly and clearly against the incredible hikes in the cost of ferry tickets and the resulting negative impacts on ferry-dependent communities.

One of the most outspoken and knowledgeable representatives is Jim Abram. Jim is a Regional Director for the Discovery Islands-Mainland Inlets (Electoral Area ‘C’ in the Strathcona Regional District.) Recently Jim addressed the Minister of Transportation regarding his comment concerning the negative impacts of the rise in ferry fares and the reductions in service. He wrote:

“Min. Stone, we all know that our Facebook pages are being monitored by government so please answer the following question: You keep saying the UBCM report and the Central Coast report are flawed and make simplistic assumptions, so, if this is your opinion then have the balls to come out and tell us what your figures show. How are these reports wrong and what do the Provincial Socio-Eonomic Impact Studies (you know, the non-existent ones) show? Come out of the closet, chicken! I have had it with your BS….defend yourself and your government’s mis-management of our Marine Highway!”

In a recent discussion with Mr. Abram, he supports the antibridge position of Bridge-Free Salish Sea. Like BFSS, he wants ferry fares to be rolled back to reasonable rates and service returned to previous levels

It is good to have a representative expressing his concerns so clearly and so directly.


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