Bridge-Free Salish Sea

Letter From Karen Hodgson to the Nanaimo Daily News (Dated Dec. 4th, 2014)

Re: “Province awards 200K contract to study possible Gabriola bridge

I was disappointed to read your seemingly one-sided story about the feasibility study for a bridge to Gabriola Island. The entire bridge study initiative has been concocted and promoted by a small group of individuals calling themselves the Gabriola Bridge Society. I assure you that this group in no way represents or speaks for the majority of Gabriolans who absolutely do NOT want a bridge to Vancouver Island. While you frequently interview GBS and report on their position I think there has been a failure to provide the full story. For example, your article fails to report the results of the recent CARE2 petition with close to 800 signatures from those absolutely opposed to a bridge to Gabriola. Your article also neglects to mention the transportation study conducted by Vancouver Island University that clearly showed that the majority of Gabriolans have no interest in a bridge. The real story is that Gabriolans do NOT want a bridge and that the small GBS group has independently lobbied the Transportation Minister to do a feasibility study without our consent. The Gabriolan population has been very clear in their feeling that throwing $200,000 of taxpayer money at this study–when it isn’t wanted–is a waste of money.

Your article does mention the group opposed to a bridge (the Bridge Free Salish Sea) yet you bemoan their sensible media policy that they “don’t give individual, on-the-spot interviews to print media….” But you omit 2 subsequent key statements: one, “we ask that journalists…forward interview questions [to the BFSS group]”, and two, the reference to a willingness to make exceptions for media that may require live interviews. No more excuses. It’s time readers know the real story. Be assured, Gabriolans will NEVER, ever accept a bridge.

Karen Hodgson


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