Bridge-Free Salish Sea

The Letter-Writing Campaign

If you have some anti-bridge/pro-island opinions to express, please consider writing a letter or two. We think it would be very effective if large numbers of people wrote anti-bridge letters to Todd Stone, Christy Clark, and various newspapers. We’ve heard that when an elected official receives a printed letter (that is, not emailed), they assume ten other people agree with the letter-writer but are too busy to actually write. So every time you send a letter, you’re bringing a crowd of too-busy people with you!

We think writing about your unique perspective is a solid strategy. For example, if you live on Mudge, how would a fixed link to Nanaimo affect your life on Mudge? If you commute from your home on Berry Point to your job in downtown Nanaimo, how would a fixed link affect your commute? If you often travel to Nanaimo on foot or by bike, how would a fixed link affect your trips?

Whatever you decide to write, please consider emailing a copy to us. We can’t promise to post every letter on the blog (okay, we can only post a few), but we’ll try to post an interesting variety of letters. We also suggest that you consider emailing copies of your letters to a variety of newspapers, including local papers, Nanaimo papers, Victoria papers, mainland papers, etc. If you do this, we suggest including a note on the printed letter which lists the people you’ve sent copies to. We think Todd might pay more attention to letters that are also sent to newspapers. In our sidebar, under Politician’s Contact Information, we have links to some important mailing addresses (for example, Todd Stone and Christy Clark).

If you don’t want to write anything, please consider signing one of our postcards. They have anti-bridge statements printed on them, they’re pre-addressed, and all you have to do is sign them. Plus, they have our beautiful logo on the front! Postcards will be available in front of Village Foods on Saturdays in December.

Happy letter-writing!


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