Bridge-Free Salish Sea

Submit Photos to the Salish Sea Gallery!

Hello, folks!

Do you have awesome, island photos on your computer? Please consider sending your favourite photos to us! We’re going to put together an online gallery of Salish Sea photography. The gallery will showcase the natural beauty of our islands. We hope to show non-islanders why we treasure our tiny islands. This will be an expression of love and respect for island and ocean.

We’re looking for photos of beaches, forests, wildlife, rock formations, skies, anything that emphasizes the natural beauty of islands in the Salish Sea. We ask that people only submit their own photos. All photos must be taken in and around the Salish Sea. If you provide your name, we’ll put your name beneath your photo(s). Individuals may submit multiple photos. Please submit photos to

When we have enough photos, we’ll start posting them on this blog. We think an online gallery like this might remind people that we have a lot to lose. Thanks for your generosity!


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